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Helpful Links

The following links reflect sites that we believe offer important content for anyone researching Texas legal malpractice and ethical issues. We are always looking for new resources. If you have suggestions for additional sites or know that one of our sources is outdated, please contact us.

Texas Disciplinary Rules and Process

The State Judicial Branch has a number of important links regarding lawyer ethics. These include the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct, the Texas Rules of Disciplinary Procedure, the and Ethical Guidelines for Mediators.

Judges Ethics Information

The State Commission on Judicial Conduct has many resources for judges.

The Code of Judicial Conduct and Judicial Ethics Opinions are available online.

State Bar Ethics Resources

The Bar has ethics resources. The ethics hotline can provide answers to certain ethical questions. Call (800)532-3947 for more information.

University of Houston Texas Ethics Reporter

This site includes Texas Disciplinary Rules of Conduct and Procedure, as well as Ethics Opinions, and includes prior versions of the rules.

The Texas Center for Legal Ethics and Professionalism

TCLEP is a non-profit center funded in large part by the Texas Bar Foundation. Resources on this site include the Texas Disciplinary Rules, Ethics Opinions, A Guide to the Basics of Law Practice, the Ethics Course, and other Texas specific materials. This a thorough collection of relevant Texas ethics materials, though some recent opinions are not yet posted.

Law Practice Management Program of the State Bar of Texas

The Law Practice Management Program of the State Bar of Texas offers a number of helpful guides that can help lawyers keep organized and practice efficiently. A number of documents are available to help with Starting a Practice, Maintaining a Practice, Growing a Practice, and Closing a Practice.

ABA Standing Committee on Lawyers’ Professional Liability

The Standing Committee offers a number of important resources for attorneys interested in lawyers professional liability and insurance. A number of materials can be purchased online, including The Lawyer’s Desk Guide to Legal Malpractice.

ABA Center for Professional Responsibility

The Center for Professional Responsibility coordinates most of the ABA’s activities regarding legal ethics. There are usually a couple of commissions or subcommittee working on hot topics, and they will have links on this page. ABA ethics opinions may be available on the site. The ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct, which are authority in federal courts in Texas, are available on this site.

ABA Law Practice Management Division

The ABA’s Law Practice Management has many great resources to help with running a law practice.

The ABA Legal Technology and Resource Center

LTEC focuses on law firm hardware and software. One particularly useful resource is this chart comparing practice management and time and billing software.

ABA e-Lawyering Task Force

The e-Lawyering Task Force focuses on lawyer use of the Internet in legal practices. Free documents and PowerPoints include Guidelines for the Use of Cloud Computing in the Practice of Law, eLawyering for Competitive Advantage, and Best Practices for Law Firm Websites.


This website focuses on ethical aspects of the use of technology by lawyers.

Legal Ethics Forum

This is a blog by law professors who specialize in legal ethics, and provides a good source for current news on ethics.

William Freivogel’s Conflicts Website

This website collects cases on conflicts issues in an easy to use format.


TLIE is a member of the National Association of Bar Related Insurance Companies. The websites for the companies often provide valuable loss prevention advice and forms. If you are an attorney from a state other than Texas, you may want to check with these companies for professional liability and other types of insurance.