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Privacy Policy

TLIE is committed to protecting your privacy. We share your information only on an as needed basis as detailed below to provide you with high quality insurance.

We collect statistics on the use of our website and on the effectiveness of email. We may use cookies and other tracking technologies on our website to facilitate the functionality and security of our website. We may use cookies and other tracking technologies to evaluate the marketing effectiveness of our website.

Email addresses collected will not be sold by TLIE to third parties. Independent contractors may be utilized to send information to email addresses collected, but such contractors are not permitted to use the email addresses for any purposes not authorized by TLIE.

Application and claim information provided by you through this website will be used by TLIE to evaluate the underwriting risk of writing policies, to formulate policy terms, and to assist in claims handling. Application information may be shared with business contacts such as insurance brokers that you select, as well as actuaries, accountants, reinsurers and reinsurance brokers selected by TLIE, to facilitate TLIE’s business objectives. Such business contacts are not permitted to use or transmit such information to other third parties except for the benefit of the applicant and for internal business purposes. Regulators may also view application information in the course of carrying out their legal duties, but are restricted by law in the use and publication of application information. Aggregate statistical information which is not personally identifiable and not identifiable to particular law firms may be published by TLIE, its business contacts and regulators. Illustrations derived from information you provide, but not personally identifiable or identifiable to particular law firms, may be published to assist in loss prevention activities.

While we do our utmost to protect your information, information transmitted over the Internet may not be completely secure. We encourage you to send information to us by means with which you are comfortable.

TLIE will comply with all applicable laws regarding privacy right and use of information. TLIE will provide collected information to other parties as required by applicable law.

By use of this website you indicate that you acknowledge and accept this privacy statement. Please do not use this website if you do not accept this privacy statement. TLIE reserves the right to change this statement. TLIE will disclose any changes to this privacy statement on this page.