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Resource Center


Profile of Legal Malpractice Claims 2004-2007

Legal malpractice claims data from insurance carriers across the United States and Canada.

Lawyer’s Desk Guide to Legal Malpractice

This book includes practical ideas and form for avoiding legal malpractice.

ABA/BNA Lawyers’ Manual on Professional Conduct

A comprehensive reporter of current material on lawyer conduct and ethics. Available in print and electronically.

Professional Liability Reporter (Prentice Hall)

A monthly reporter of professional liability cases of many types of business professionals. The reporter goes beyond simply reporting the cases to describing the law in other jurisdictions as to the points raised in cases. Attorneys cases appear almost every month.

Lawyers’ Liability Review

This is a monthly reporter on legal malpractice and ethics cases around the country. Also includes reports of verdicts that have not necessarily made the standard reporters, and has articles on malpractice and ethics.

Schuwerk and Hardwicke, Handbook of Texas Lawyer and Judicial Ethics, WestGroup, 2002

This book covers attorney and judicial behavior with case and opinion annotations and comparisons to the ABA rules.

Schuwerk and Sutton, A Guide to the Texas Disciplinary Rules, 27A University of Houston Law Review (October 1990)

This is a comprehensive analysis of the Texas Disciplinary Rules written by a committee of the premiere ethics professors in the state. This book compare the Texas Disciplinary Rules to the ABA Model Rules.

Mallen & Smith, Legal Malpractice, 4th Edition (4 vols., West Publishing 1996)

A thorough hornbook on the law of legal malpractice. This book includes good basic information on avoiding malpractice exposure. Also published by these authors is The Law Office Guide to Purchasing Legal Malpractice Insurance. Web pages describing these books appear at http://west.thomson.com/productdetail/160169/17730896/productdetail.aspx.

Herring, Legal Malpractice in Texas (Texas Lawyer Litigation Series 1992)

A very thorough hornbook on legal malpractice and ethics law in Texas.

Hazard & Hodes, The Law of Lawyering

A Handbook on the Model Rules of Professional Conduct (2 vols., Prentice Hall Law & Business 1994 with supplement). A definitive work. Professor Hazard was a key member of the drafting team for the Model Rules. Professor Hodes is well respected in the ethics field as well, and is often seen on the ethics maillist.