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TLIE Policies

TLIE offers two types of professional liability insurance policies for Texas lawyers.

In general, the Regular Policy provides more comprehensive legal malpractice insurance coverage than the Basic Policy. As a lower cost alternative to the Regular Policy, the Basic Policy has lower limits, lower deductibles and less comprehensive coverage than the Regular Policy. The major differences between the two policies are noted below, subject to policy endorsements for unique situations.

Most TLIE policies have aggregate deductibles. This means that the maximum amount of deductible a TLIE insured would be required to pay for all claims made during a policy year is the deductible amount chosen. Other carriers often have “per claim” deductibles which apply to every claim.

Specimen Regular Policy

Specimen Basic Policy

Specimen Judge Policy

A Comparison of TLIE's Regular & Basic Policies

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Regular Policy Basic Policy
Underwriting Criteria
Offered to firms that meet TLIE’s standard underwriting criteria.
Only available with excellent claim history. Discounted rates may be available for new lawyers (licensed less than 3 years), part time lawyers and for referral service work only.
Limits of Liability
Available with limits of liability from $100,000 to $10,000,000
Available with 4 different limits of liability: $100,000 per claim/$300,000 aggregate $200,000 per claim/$600,000 aggregate $500,000 per claim/$500,000 aggregate $1,000,000 per claim/$1,000,000 aggregate
Vary based on the limit of liability and insured’s qualifications. Applies to loss payments and defense costs.
$1,000 deductible per policy year. Applies only to loss payments.
Expense Allowance
Additional $50,000 for defense costs (limits up to $1 million.)
Defense costs included in policy limit.
Prior Acts Coverage
In general, legal services covered since Retroactive Date (based on insured’s coverage history.) Subject to change based on insured’s qualifications and/or special circumstances.
Generally limited to 2 years.
Securities Work
Coverage provided for securities-related legal work.
Not available for this plan
Punitive Damages
If actual damages are covered, then punitive, exemplary and mental anguish damages are covered.
Not available for this plan
DTPA Damages
If actual damages are covered, then additional DTPA damages are covered.
Not available for this plan
Grievance Defense
Up to $25,000 for defending each disciplinary action, with a maximum of $50,000 per Policy Period.
Not available for this plan
Loss of Earnings
$500 for each day out of the office for trial, mediation, arbitration or the insured’s own deposition in defending a claim, with a maximum of $10,000 per Claim and $25,000 per Policy Period.
Not available for this plan

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