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ABA Releases Draft Reports for Ethics 20/20

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

The American Bar Association has issued draft reports for the Ethics 20/20 project.  The reports include proposed changes to the Model Rules and comments.  Three reports have been issued on outsourcing, confidentiality in use of technology, and foreign law (multi-jurisdictional) practice.  A good summary of the proposed changes is in the ABA Journal.   The changes, if enacted, would not be approved until May of 2012.  There has been some suggestion that consideration of new Texas disciplinary rules changes might be postponed until the ABA takes action on these proposals.  Regardless of whether the ABA rules become binding law, a review of the issues can be instructive for lawyers regardless of jurisdiction.  Our article on cloud computing  in the last TLIE Advisory discusses some of the issues involved in confidentiality issues in lawyers’ use of technology.